The Somethings

Genesis Membership Collection

In order to receive an invitation to become an official VIP member of The Somethings Genesis Golden Gnomes collection, you must fill out the membership application form. The criteria in which applicants are approved to become a member varies case-by-case. The chances of your application being approve increases by by having being referred by current members.

We are being super selective on who we approve due to the fact that you will not only (1) receive exclusive Membership VIP access to our venue, Somewhere Nowhere NYC, (2) be able to access the partnership network we have built over a decade, (3) unlock loyalty rewards and discounts, (4) redeem and attend The Somethings’ affiliated events with All Access VIP Passes, and (5) unlock all benefits generated and provided by The Somethings Network.

Whether you are in this to be more social or to expand your network, our goal is to create a strong and tight group of members that utilize each others networks to help each other grow and become better individuals.

Disclaimer: We reserve the rights to make minor changes to the utility, so that we are delivering the best experiences to our core community. Rest assured that all changes we make will be for the better. We will never go backwards… only forward progress.

The Somethings – Genesis Membership Collection

Membership Application Form